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The best solution for 
all business waste
Barbados' only Split Body Refuse Truck that collects both Waster and Recycling!
Get wise with
your waste 
Why Choose Scrapman?

We offer a complete waste & recycling service that is both cost effective and makes it easy for you to recycle.

Our operation includes split body refuse trucks that allows for the collection of both waste and recycling without contamination of the recyclables.

Our Service Offers:

2 Convenient bin sizes 

Removal of Waste and Recycling

Lightweight bins with wheels for easy mobility

Suitable bins for indoor or outdoors

Bins are lockable and watertight thus more secure and hygienic

Our experienced team meet the highest standards for health and safety

How does it work?

Whatever the size of your business, we can remove your waste for you. We will assess your requirements and  the number and size of bins required.


Collection will also be set according to your needs.


Small Wheelie Bins

Large Wheelie Bins

Capacity: 240 L

Capacity: 1100 L

Dry Mixed Recycling Covered, Portable Containers at Scrapman Barbados
Recycling Categories at Scrapman Barbados

clean plastic bottles & containers

clean paper & card

clean steel & aluminium cans

Our Recycling Service

We offer one of the leading recycling services on the island. If your business is looking for a clean and simple way to improve their waste management our recycling service is ideal and works cohesively with your general waste removal.

How does it work?

All recycling delivered to our recycling partner, SBRC, the island's largest downstream recycler.


Contents are separated and exported.


Recyclables are never dumped into a landfill or illegally into a quarry.

What are your needs? We can build a quote! 

Efficient Recycling

“Switching to the Scrapman Bins was a great idea! They’re cleaner and easier to work with as they have wheels on them. The change has made our recycling program much more efficient”

– Brian H
Carter & Co Ltd

A Scrapman Barbados Garbage and Recycling Bin - With Wheels and Water-tight Cover
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